South African GPS point of interest files  

More information on POIs for National Parks

1. Standardization:

We attempt to standardize our POIs. When two or more points of interest are in close proximity we select the more important one from a game watcher and birder's point of view. For example a hide next to a small dam will only get the hide icon. Another approach was not to list camp sites and picnic sites in main rest camps, but to list the rest camp.  Our viewpoints were selected from those where you can alight from your vehicle and use your binoculars. A picnic site only gets a picnic icon. The Kruger national park is typical of this strategy and one should note that this park still has more than 200 POIs even in this reduced fashion.

2. Sound effects:

We are suggesting ten bird calls as sound effects for nearing a POI. We suggest giving the customer an option of the bird sounds only or a bird sound followed by an announcement (e.g. Bokmakierie followed by the speech "hide" ) Initially the ten bird calls will be fixed and allocated to the ten POI categories (e.g. African Nightjar for a main camp).

3. POI collections:

Each park can have up to ten POI categories (gates, hides, water, etc.)

We are proposing subsets of the POI collection for download. Possible combinations are (i) Kruger national Park, (ii) SANParks (those that are available) (iii) Other parks (those that are available) (iv) Nature reserves.

4. Why is our POIs better?

(1) Colourful and more visible icons

(2) Icons are inclined towards tourist maps and familiar to tourists

(3) Icons are shown for selected parks only (no unnecessary information overload)

(4) Accompanied by authentic SA Bird sounds

(5) An ability to switch each POI category on or off (e.g. focus on hides if that is the objective)

(6) Only 10 POI categories required for the whole of South Africa (for the complete POI set)

(7) Custom POIs stand out with zoomed out map views - unlike the built in POIs

(8) Easy download in customer's GPS with manufacturer's software tools

(9) It is possible to offer scanned in maps of the Kruger National Park (or other parks) as a map background

(10) We use a standard naming convention for the park and the name of the POI


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